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A Ministry by God


Let those who gain such an experience in working for the Lord write an account of it for our papers, that others may be encouraged. Let the canvasser tell of the joy and blessing he has received in his ministry as an evangelist. These reports should find a place in our papers; for they are far-reaching in their influence. They will be as a sweet fragrance in the church, a savor of life unto life. Thus it is seen that God works with those who cooperate with Him. “Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” —Manual for Canvassers, p. 41
At first, when we were asked to share our story of this personal ministry, we were hesitant; however, God, through His inspired word, tells us to encourage our brethren by telling them of how we are blessed by giving of ourselves to others. Praise be to God!


We, Nick and Pat Roman, met in 2011 at the Northwest Church in Indiana. Little did we know God would join us in marriage nine months later. We believe God always had a plan for us to minister for Him. However, this is not about us, but all about God! It is a privilege to participate in God’s work. We and many others, like the husbandman, are just tending seeds that Jesus has sown and watching the Holy Spirit water them to grow — just like in a garden. We are totally dependent upon God, and He is in control!


Have you ever asked God to tell you what He wants you to do? Sometimes, we ignore that still small voice — which is what we did. God did not give up on working on our hearts and impressed us to start a personal ministry. We didn’t know how to begin but, with prayer, God showed us the way. One Sunday morning, God woke us up, and we decided that the start of the ministry would begin the following Sunday. Our first time out (February of last year), we made up 40 meals and four of us drove the streets of downtown Chicago looking for
those in need of something to eat on a cold winter day. Our last time out, we fed 126 people and could have fed double that number, just at one location. We wanted to see what God would do with this ministry of His — He showed us by showering many

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